Sarah – I am a step mum to a beautiful 10 year old boy Shaun, on 9th January 2018 at 1.20pm he suffered a cardiac arrest, and the response from his school was lifesaving!! They recognised straight away what was happening and what they needed to do, two members of staff started CPR and within seconds another had got the defibrillator next to them and it was on Shaun. Now the defibrillator told them not to shock him but thanks to the work you do, they knew exactly what to do and because of that they saved Shaun’s life. We will never be able to thank them for not just saving Shaun’s life but for also saving Shaun’s quality of life. We also wanted to thank you for everything you do to raise awareness of this because thanks to you the school knew and understood what to do.

The Prescot School – has 5 Defibrillators a man was playing indoor bowls at the school when he had cardiac arrest. His Wife emailed to say “Quote” The Spirit of Oliver lives on through others, I appreciate this is a powerful statement, but it is true. My husband was probably dead before he hit the floor but quick action of CPR by staff and using your defibrillator was the only thing that saved his life. The campaigns you have done through Liverpool and the country made a difference to save a life. As a family we cannot thank you enough, we owe everything to Oliver. There are no words I can find will ever be enough to make you understand the difference you have made to our lives. God Bless x wife of cardiac arrest survivor in Knowsley.

Feb 2018 – a lifesaving defibrillator was deployed on the Wirral from a local school.
Headteacher Mrs Thomas said: “A young man ran into school saying his Grandfather had had a heart attack at the local shops. He had been told by the North West Ambulance service that the nearest defibrillator was situated at Mersey Park Primary School. Two school staff, who had received defibrillator training previously, ran with the defibrillator to the man and followed the instructions to use the equipment. It was good to know that we were able to help in the wider community whilst protection for our pupils and staff with the purchase of two defibrillators on the school premises.”

10 year old boy – at a Merseyside Primary School. His cardiac arrest happened at break, teachers knew to immediately reach for the lifesaving defibrillator and jumped in to action