Our campaign for a lifesaving defibrillator in every single school across the UK

Since 2012 the Foundation has worked tirelessly to save lives and place lifesaving Defibrillators across the UK. We have worked closely with the Department for Education and Government:

  • Gaining the support of over 250 MPs as Defibrillator Champions.
  • Worked with several Education, Health and Sport Ministers in Government
  • Secured a change of Government policy in 2013, when the Department for Education began advising all Schools to purchase a defibrillator as part of their First Aid equipment – naming us as a key stakeholder in this policy

We have fought for legislation and will continue to do so, to ensure that every single school, in every community across the country, has access to a lifesaving Defibrillator. But we cannot just wait for this to happen.

We need to step up the campaign now, raising awareness of the importance of defibrillators and getting them in to even more schools across the UK. This will mean that every child has a greater chance of survival. Ending the current situation where access to lifesaving equipment is dependent upon a proactive Headteacher, parents or a local campaign, ending the postcode lottery of survival.

On Wednesday 24th January 2018, we launched our National Campaign at Number 10 Downing Street, for a lifesaving defibrillator in every school.
We set an ambitious target that by 2020, when Oliver King would have been 21 years old, that all schools would have access to a lifesaving Defibrillator. Unfortunately with Brexit and two elections and coronavirus, our deadline has been delayed.  We will however continue this campaign to:

  • Lobby Government for legislation that every school across the country has access to a lifesaving defibrillator.
  • Continue to work with the Department for Education for policy changes.
  • Work with Defibrillator champions and passionately lead the campaign in parliament to ensure that no school is left behind.
  • Work to secure the support of Teacher Unions, Headteacher Forums and councillors.

Yet no matter how hard we work, without your support, we will not achieve this important goal. We need your help:

  • Urge your local schools to purchase a defibrillator (contact us for any assistance)
  • Help with fundraising for a defibrillator
  • Contact your local MP / councillor to take a lead on this in their area

Mark King, Father of Oliver King said: “Since 2012 I’ve driven across the country personally delivering nearly 5,900 Defibrillators and the foundation has provided  training to over 135,000 people. We know that the defibrillators placed have saved the lives of 64+ people.

“Every week 12 young people are dying because of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. We have to get the number of schools without a lifesaving Defibrillator to zero.

I miss my Ollie every day. I’m determined that no other family has to suffer the same loss that my family has. I won’t rest until we meet the target of every school having a Defibrillator by the time my Ollie would have been 21, in 2020.”

Senior Conservative MP and former Health Minister Anna Soubry backing the campaign said: “As a long-time supporter of the foundation, I wholeheartedly back The Oliver King Foundation’s National Campaign for a lifesaving defibrillator in every school. Legislation would ensure that this happens faster but to the foundation’s credit they are not waiting! Their determination and passion will ensure that they meet their target for every school to have a defibrillator by the time Oliver would have been 21 in 2020.”

Senior Labour MP, Maria Eagle added her support: “My constituents Mark and Joanne King have tirelessly campaigned for this since the tragic loss of their son, Oliver in 2011 when a defibrillator that may have saved his life was not available. I have supported their work from the beginning, and I have no reservations in offering my full support in backing their campaign to ensure these life-saving devices are available in every school. I will continue to do everything I can to advocate for legislation to ensure this happens.”

We have prepared a letter for parents to give to their children’s Headteacher urging them to join the campaign. Download it here.

You can also sign up to receive updates on the campaign and show your support by filling in the form below.

If you are a governor, teacher, your child attends a school or you are simply an active member of the community, please let us know below so that we can work together to sign up all schools!