Schools Minister Lord Nash has met with representatives from The Oliver King Foundation to discuss lifesaving defibrillators – offering his continued support to the charity.

On Tuesday 14th March a meeting was held at the Department for Education to discuss increasing the provision of defibrillators across the UK.

Lord Storey CBE, a long term supporter of the Foundation joined the meeting to review the Government’s work on saving the lives of children at school.

A way forward was agreed, working in conjunction with other charities and professionals to pool together information and drive the campaign forward.

At the meeting Lord Nash offered to host a Government reception on the House of Lords terrace to honour the five years of The Oliver King Foundation’s work – in conjunction with celebrating non-statutory Government guidance that was introduced in 2014.

Mark King, Founder of The Oliver King Foundation said: “We met Lord Nash in 2013 and were delighted when he introduced guidance to schools recommending that they have access to a lifesaving defibrillator. We have continued to visit Parliament since and secured the support of many MPs.”

“We met with Lord Nash to catch up after 3 years to see how much progress has been made in his Department, it was a surprise to hear his offer, where Oliver’s legacy will be heard once again inside Parliament.”

Jake Morrison, Chief Executive said: “This is a clear backing from Government for all the hard work that has gone in to the last five years. We have hammered away at securing Government support, ensuring that Oliver’s story was heard, and that many lives can and will be saved by this initiative.”

“I am delighted that Lord Nash offered to host this reception, which will be an opportunity to hear from survivors of cardiac arrest, and those working in the field – whilst reflecting on the legacy that Oliver King has left behind.”