The Oliver King Foundation has today learnt of the 21st life saved by a Defibrillator placed by the charity.

Last night, a gentleman at Sefton Arms suffered a Heart Attack and went into Cardiac Arrest. Sefton Arm’s manager remembered that the pub had recently been fundraising for nearby St Mary’s Millennium Centre to have a Defibrillator. The Pub regulars jumped into action getting the defibrillator from St Mary’s. They were able to follow the clear instructions provided by the Defibrillator and get the gentleman’s heart beating again. An ambulance arrived and rushed the gentleman to hospital. (After this The Sefton Arms fundraised and purchased a defibrillator and outside community box for their area)

This is the 21st life that has been saved by a Defibrillator placed by the Foundation over the last 6 years, and the fourth life that has been saved in 2018. All four lives saved were in the Merseyside area. An elderly gentleman, 9-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl from the Wirral and a 55-year-old man in Liverpool all recently saved.

Mark King, Father of Oliver King and Founder of the Foundation commented “I never imagined that the legacy of Oliver’s life would be to save 21 lives. This proves that Defibrillators do save lives. We must make sure that all schools and public buildings have access to a lifesaving Defibrillator. We are going to work with the community in West Derby village to ensure that a defibrillator is available to the community 24/7 in a public access box.”

Liverpool City Mayor Joe Anderson said, “I’ve backed The Oliver King Foundation since day one. I’m incredibly proud that Liverpool City Council was the first in the country to provide funding for Defibrillators in primary Schools. I fully support the Foundation’s aim for Defibrillators in all schools and public buildings, and wholeheartedly commends the amazing work that the Oliver King Foundation does.”

West Derby MP Stephen Twigg said “Defibrillators in public places and schools can and do save lives. I want to thank the Oliver King Foundation and all involved in securing these lifesaving defibrillators in public buildings. We must continue the campaign for defibrillators to be placed in schools and public buildings across the country. I wish the gentleman whose life was saved last night a full and speedy recovery.”

Charity Manager Jake Morrison added “A lot of hard work has gone in to making the Foundation a success. When we launched back in 2012, we had a lot of work to do in raising awareness of sudden cardiac arrest and the importance of defibrillators. It is brilliant to see that lives are being saved, with Oliver’s legacy continuing to grow and grow as we move forward. 2018 is looking like an exciting year for the charity.”

 Join our campaign to save lives right across the country, and work with your local schools and organisations to get a lifesaving defibrillator in your area. Contact us on or call 0151 728 3470.