Today (Tuesday 6th February 2018) during Health Questions in the House of Commons, Anna Soubry MP, a former Public Health Minister, raised The Oliver King Foundation’s campaign for a defibrillator in every school. In response, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt MP has given his support for wider access to defibrillators to stop tragedies.

Anna Soubry MP asked, “Would he be amenable to the idea of following on twitter The Oliver King Foundation. On their advice, I’ve written to all schools in Broxtowe urging them to install a Defibrillator. This is an important project. What assistance is the Department for Health giving such an admirable charity and an excellent project?”

Responding Jeremy Hunt said, “I think it’s a fantastic charity. We do indeed need to make sure we have defibrillators everywhere necessary to save these tragedies.”

Our team are working hard to ensure that a lifesaving defibrillator is available in every single school across the UK by 2020. The year Oliver would have turned 21 if he were still here today.

Mark King, Founder of The Oliver King Foundation said, “It’s wonderful to get the support of a Senior Cabinet Minister for wider access to defibrillators. We set up this campaign to ensure that no other family has to go through a loss like we have, with our Oliver. I was put in to this position through circumstance, and have visited parliament regularly ever since. It is heart-warming to hear Oliver’s name be remembered, and spoken in the House of Commons regularly – fighting to save lives.”

Jake Morrison, Charity Manager “It was great to hear the audible support for both the Foundation and our campaign for a defibrillator in every school from MPs during the exchange. We have worked very hard over the last 6 years to secure cross party support in Parliament, recently meeting with over 200 MPs who have become our Defibrillator Champions across the UK. On our last trip to parliament we gained the support of 20 MPs. Including senior MPs such as former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith and former Conservative Chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin. In addition, we’ve got the support of John McDonnell MP and Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner. It’s important that we continue to build up support of all sides to win this campaign. ”