Lifesaving Defibrillators

We grow up thinking that we know exactly what a Defibrillator is. It’s one of those big machines that they use on Casualty and Holby City, where the patient jumps up in the bed and that it’s dangerous. Right?


But infact, automatic external defibrillators are often just the size of a first aid box. More importantly, they talk to you. They are safe, easy to use, and designed specifically to be out in the community, in your workplace, so that someone can pick it up urgently and use it.


Imagine a scenario, you find someone unconcious on the floor, you’re not sure what it is because likely you’re not a medical professional! You shout for someone to call 999 and get the defibrillator. You press the button to open the lid, and it will begin talking you through some instructions as seen in the video below. You place the pads on the persons chest and the button to deliver an electric shock will not work until the AED (automatic external defibrillator) is aware the patient is in cardiac arrrest. So you can press it all day long and it will not deliver a shock until it detects an abnormal heart rhythmn, to shock in to restarting.


Early defibrillation is part of the chain-of-survival, which includes calling for help, early cpr, early defibrillation and hospital care.


We can help you acquire a lifesaving defibrillator, which often last up to 8 years (the battery and pads will need replacing around every 2 years) and train 12 of your staff in being aware and familiar with the equipment.


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